BMW repair modification restoration
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Logbooks of '72 R75/5, '79 R100T, '82 R80G/S Paris-Dakar, '93 R100GS PD, '71 CB750 and others, a.k.a.

Repair, Restoration and Modification of BMW 2V Boxer a.k.a. Airheads

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This site will be taken down by the owner of

It was maintained over the years starting around 2002 until 2015 containing mostly BMW R-Series relevant technical articles such as the "Modification of a paralever to a monolever rear wheel drive" as well as ride reports, such as my exploits on the "TransAmericaTrail" and various "Boxerworks Rallys".

My riding and wrenching days have come to an end. But I still have the memories and hundreds if not thousands of photos on my website.

But, by about the end of this year (2018), this public website will cease to exist as will the domain name If you have not managed to copy what you need by then, there is always Google. However, if you can find me through my email address, you can contact me directly and ask for a copy (it will big zip file). Or maybe I will have mastered the "Art of using Cloud" by then.

Thanks for all the memories.

Stephen Bottcher
Cambridge, ON Canada