Here's the offer text from PO:

The item for sale is a 1980 BMW R100T which I have been restoring over the last couple of years.The bike is just about ready for final assembly, the front end and cables being the remaining jobs to do. The bike was completely stripped down and has had a bare metal repaint so it looks stunning. It also has a NEW seat/rear dampers/clock housing and many more parts.The engine has had a total strip and rebuild,although with only 33,000 miles there is hardly any wear. In fact the honing marks are still clearly visible on the bores. The rings were replaced as a matter of course.The front end has been upgraded to facilitate the better Brembo front disc brakes instead of the original ATE ones, and the front end has been overhauled as well with new bearings and seals etc. The only reason for selling this is lack of time and a move abroad in the near future.The exhaust pipes are stainless and the silencers chrome. I have several hundreds of pound sworth of invoices for the many new parts.Altogether I have spent more than 1200 on this bike. I am more than willing to answer any questions you may have.At the starting price this is a STEAL, as with a little time spent on finishing off will give you a bike that will last for years and years.It is also eligible for Classic Insurance.Please DO NOT bid if you are a dreamer or tyre kicker. This is a Genuine Bargain with Documentation both for the bike and the new parts purchased.