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1st Cambridge Tech Days

First Tech Day held in Cambridge, Ontario

Honestly, it wasn't a real Tech Day, but we took the opportunity to come together and celebrate Dirk's new /5! Dirk (tall guy on right hand side with "sunny" red shirt) is from New Liskeard (with permanent residence in Cologne, Germany). Bruno from Bruno's Machine and Repair was there on his trusty R80ST and the other tall guy is me. Bruno had a very professional look around the /5 during the week, and then we all came together to do some smaller adjustment such as clutch cable, throttle and others. Dirk had planned to go on a 650km trip to New Liskeard the next day (and another trip with his wife later) and wasn't too comfortable not knowing the entire history of the bike. We went for a ride in the evening and he was satisfied and had a much better feeling about taking this bike on a longer trip. Richard from Guelph could not make it but maybe there is another time. Dirk, always both tires on the ground! Have a good vacation and take care of yourself!