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Remote Final Drive Vent

Remote Final Drive Vent

I never liked the oilmist around the filler plug and the inspection plug of my rear drive. As we all know, the filler plug works as a vent as well and I never knew whether after heavy rain I got water in there or not without draining the oil. I already had the inspection plug weld shut when Bruno worked on my rear drive, and I had my local machinist have a looksee at the filler plug. We bounced off a couple of ideas how to best get a M10x1 thread in there in order to use a stock banjo bolt used on the brake master cylinder (a modification that I had seen somewhere else before). Well, the modification did not go as well as we thought, so Richard just fabricated a new plug, a stainless female-female adapter M18x1.5 / M10x1.0:

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Now, that worked out nicely and made a professional vent that leads under the seat. So no more oil mist outside or water in the final drive anymore:

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The End.