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Last updated November 6, 2005

Well, here is how my R80G/S project started:
... it should have been a slow start but I was very lucky. On June 20, I acquired a R80ST frame. As many of you might not know, frames were the same for R80ST, R80G/S and R65GS. The frame is on its way to Buffalo where I will pick it up. So here we have our first ingredient and the way forward is clear: I am going for a patchwork bike.
I took another loan with my father to acquire this in Germnay:

Some time before I acquired this, in Germany as well:

The swingarm u-joint has a slight notch which I will need to work on ... some day. I already have a source for a 11:37 beveldrive modified for a 4-bolt rear wheel.

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