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'71 Honda CB750

Swan Lake ...

The migration of an ugly duck into a beautiful swan!

It was really an ugly thing that I picked up in Spring 2004. It was a CB750 K1 alright but you could not tell:

Better not show more!

I picked it up at night in order not to be seen by the neighbours (only joking!) and hid it in my garage first. So the bike had Jardine turn-outs, a Vetter Windjammer II fairing but apart from that it seemed all stock. In order to sell the fairing and the exhaust I quickly got it out the garage on a Sunday at 11.00 (when everybody else was at church) and did the necessary pictures.

Not nice, really not nice.

So first of all I removed the garbage, meaning the fairing and the seat which I replaced with the stock seat that came with the bike.

Better, much better!

Plan was, to just put it back to stock and then drive it for some time, see if I like it. I have a couple of beemers (two cylinder, horizontally opposed), so an inline-4 was something quite different and I was not sure whether I'd like it. Before that, however I was trying to get it running. It was but only on 2 cylinders. So I bought 4 Keyster carb kits at Sirius consolidated Inc, ripped the 4 carbs out, bought lacquer thinner, soaked them (without any rubber pieces), used the set to rebuild the carbs, all adjustments on default and ... it ran beautifully on 4 cylinders, even pretty much synch'ed as I used the eye to adjust the sliders. Nice job.
It was not pulling though above 4500rpm but with stock 120 main jets and open turn-outs I did not expect it to run properly as the back pressure of those is surely different to a stock HM300 or HM341. So before I started tearing that baby apart I knew it was working.
I started with a major service including replacement of verious worn parts: So I started working, it took me a couple of weeks, I took my time ... and in the meantime rode my other horse ...

The whole assembly was pretty much straight forward, nothing bad happens, and after three days, I made a successful maiden trip. No hickups other than a bit low idle, but the carbs still aren't properly synch'ed so that will go away. Here she is:

So, it remains to be seen what I'm gonna do with it. I will have it safetied and insured and on the road next week. After the season when the snow arrives and the bikes go in hibernation/restoration I'll make up my mind.

Here is the plan for a sensible restoration should I decide to do that this winter:

I bought the bike from the second owner who had it for 30 years. It has not been tampered with, I can tell from the threads. I am quite happy with that baby and will enjoy the next weeks of riding.
I decided to do my first longer trip into the Adirondacks, Upstate New York on the last weekend of October. Wonderful weather (sometimes NOT), open roads (sometimes wet), not a lot of traffic, brilliant colors (when the sun was shining).

Enjoy the pictures!

March 2005:

I decided not to do anything on the frame. I have seriously tried to acquire HM300 exhausts but they run US$120.00 a pop in decent condition. I have decided to leave the engine alone (if it ain't broke, don't fix it) and do aluminium polish as I go along. I have however decided to do a few modifications/improvements to get me over the rest of the winter without going mad:

Reassembly has started.

It's finally done:

Update June 5, 2005:
After all this work and TLC, I have finally sold the bike. It was a very good experience but my true love is with BMW Airheads (as some of you might have guessed already) so the proceedings will be used to finance a new Airhead project, a Dual Sports bike.

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