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Motorcycle Club Schallstadt

MC Schallstadt

It was the year 1988 when I was accepted as a member of the Motorcycle Club of Schallstadt, a small village close to Freiburg, Germany. I was a rookie then and was lucky to be accepted. Not a lot can be said other than I met a great bunch of guys and gals riding everything from Kawis to AME XS650 Choppers and we just had incredible fun which usually manifested in a Friday afternoon rush home and pack the tankbag, get on the bike by 4PM and arrive at the destination 6-7hrs later, get seriously pissed before midnight, continue having fun over the weekend riding the local backroads, playing soccer, tug-of-wars, skill tests, you name it we did it, huge piss-up on Saturday night, Awards for the club being furthest way, highest number of members present etc. There were usually goblets for 1st prize which had to be filled and emptied ("until further notice"). Sunday morning started with a good breakfast so that we were able to survive the ride home with serious headaches and whatever else aches. Yes, it was tough sometimes, but hell, you could bragg afterwards! It was the stupidiest and probably best time of my life.

No, we did not drink and drive (knowingly), but we might have done sometimes. We also met on other occasions such as birthdays or for our weekly meets in the local pub to bragg about all that drinking of the last weekend and who did what to whom and how much fun we had. Yes, we were young and most of us were stupid, except for the president of course ...

MC Westerstede and MC Fischbeck were two other clubs which we met quite often during a season. We invited and visited each other a couple of times during a year and it was always a blast. See a couple of clickable pictures hereafter with some insight into "life during a motorcycle meet", not to be mistaken for Tech Days, we never attempted to repair anything on our motorbikes, we wanted to get home after all!

It was not long afterwards that I quit riding motorcycles for a long time whilst raising a family. But as you can see, I am back in the saddle.

Hey, Meinhard, Nobbie, Heiko, Juergen, Klemes, Magot etc, ghosts of the past, dead or alive, if you have any more picture, stories whatsoever, let me hear it.

2006 is also the year of the first Canadian Reunion! You are all invited! Bring some bikes, I got some ...

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