Churchgate Read Titan

I had not heard or seen those fairings before. Besides, I didn't know, that even Rickmann used them: Picture link One day, Dane LaFortune, a fellow enthusiast contacted me and asked me about one of my picture that I dubbed "unknown12". Well, I still didn't know what is was and most importantly, where i got it from ... no idea whatsoever.
Anyways, Dane carried on on his quest to find the fairing just like the one that use to be on his widow maker H2. He eventually found the information and shared it with me, very much in HAPPY mode: ... it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, except now I have to wait for the guys at Glass from the Past @ to get it into production, unless I can find an original at a reasonable price .... So if any of you readers out there had one and wanted to part with, let me know and I let Dane know.
Glass from the Past also provided this information:
... the fairing in your photos was made by Churchgate and was distributed by Read-Titan. If you're not familiar, Read-Titan was a repair and sales shop in England that specialized in building, tuning, and supplying parts for Caferacers. I've attached a few scans from an original Read-Titan catalog showing this same fairing. We don't currently have this Churchgate / Read-Titan fairing available, but we do have an original sample in good condition. Our plan is to build moulds of this fairing sometime during the coming winter and have new ones available next spring ...










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