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Alsace 1989

Alsace, France 1989

It has been such a long time, and I am not even sure about the exact year, but it must have been in 1989 (just a month or so before we married) that Susan and I had been given a weeks vacation by her mom who came by to watch our son Hendrik, 3 years old then. At least, that what the prints on the back of the photograophs say: January 1990 (real glossy prints, can you believe that!). I am not sure if it was January, I think it was more October and we only got to develop the films in January. I can remember that Susan was cold and put her rainsuit on all the time to keep the wind out. She was always cold. Anyways, the ONLY pictures that exists from Susan and myself on a motorcycle trip together.

We lived in Southern Germany at the time and decided to make a weeks trip in to the French Alsace. Good food, wonderful roads, running up the "Le Petit Ballon" and "Le Grand Ballon", two of the highest elevations in "Les Vosges".

Map of the area: