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Huntsville 2010

Muskokas/Huntsville Fall 2010

(dubbed "The Alaska Cold Weather Shakedown Ride")

This ride was the last one for the season on November 6 & 7 (little did I know). The sole purpose of the ride was to test our cold weather gear for the upcoming Alaska trip: Elgin was wearing his Aerostich with layers, I wore my Olympia gear with layers.
We deliberately choose a weekend with just above freezing temeratures (around 5C), but otherwise good conditions for a 2-day ride, especially with no rain.

We got what we asked for and then some:

Both of us were nicely tugged in. You had to be careful not to allow any cold wind to get to your neck otherwise, the cold would seep through and eventual affect your core temperature.

The temperatures dropped during the day and the roads were de-iced with some nasty liquid chloride which isn't very much like by the aluminum on motorcycles!

We have got to be honest: at the end of the 1st day around 5PM we were well ready for a hot shower and a warm meal. We were 1.5hrs away from North bay (our initial destination) and decided to drop that and find a place to stay in Huntsville.

This time a year it is easy to find accommodation and the King William Inn looked very inviting: we were rewarded with a really nice hotel room with lots of space, nicely equiped and very clean.

The 2nd day, Sunday, we meandered South and arrived home later the afternoon.

Our conclusion was that 2 days of riding and camping in cold weather (air temps of 5C + windchill) is doable and we both agreed it wouldn't be that cold during Alaskan Summer anyways! This ride also concluded all of our preparations for the Alaska Trip in Summer. There was nothing else that needed to be done, the 218 day wait until we would finally be on our way, had started.

Nobody could imagine what happened just 7 days after we returned, on November 14. Elgin was one of five Canadians who were killed in a freak accident in a Mexican holiday resort: 5 Canadians killed in a hotel explosion at a Mexican resort. I was devastated and my thoughts were immediately with the family. It was only later that I realized the impact this news had on my life.

This picture was made on November 13, just one day before the gas explosion that killed Elgin and four other Canadians.