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Mid-Ohio 2009

Elgin and I did a long weekend trip down to the Mid-Ohio Race Course in Lexington Ohio.

Taking the long route, we head down south from Buffalo across Upstate New York to Pennsylvania, parts of WV and from there West to Ohio.

Most remarkable roads on the way were certainly US-50 going West in PA and then Ohio 555/669/666 going North, great roads with a lot of twisties and not a lot of traffic as it was mid week.

justbeforetakingoff_small.jpg dscf4638_small.jpg dscf4640_small.jpg dscf4641_small.jpg


We made camp early afternoon and watched some of the practise laps afterwards. It was my first visit of the Mid-Ohio Racetrak and I was fairly impressed with the shear size of it and the ease of access everwhere, even in the pits. Liked it!

dscf4643_small.jpg dscf4708_small.jpg dscf4654_small.jpg dscf4662_small.jpg


dscf4663_small.jpg dscf4665_small.jpg dscf4666_small.jpg

Saturday morning greeted us with a heavy 30min downpour, it was all good from there on when it comes to weather.

dscf4667_small.jpg dscf4673_small.jpg dscf4674_small.jpg

We roamed around abit in the vendors area where I saw this Norton fairing I liked. It was attached to a bike that I didn't need so I only admired it and took pictures for my 70's Fairing Collection.


We sat down to watch some races ... did I say it was raining heavily in the moorning?

dscf4677_small.jpg dscf4679_small.jpg

We felt bad for the guys: coming to Mid-Ohio to race their vintage bikes and then crashing in the first practise lap of the day due to the adverse condition. It rained again and the track was now wet which was at least a steady condition unlike the previous where you had pathces of dry and wet.

dscf4682_small.jpg dscf4683_small.jpg dscf4684_small.jpg dscf4685_small.jpg

dscf4686_small.jpg dscf4687_small.jpg dscf4688_small.jpg

dscf4690_small.jpg dscf4691_small.jpg

dscf4693_small.jpg dscf4698_small.jpg

This guy was on a KTM motard and he was really smoking. During the race, he crashed, got up and still made it second. He was THE attraction of the day making the crowd cheer. And you could see that he was absolutely enjoying himself.


It was not until the afternoon that the track was dry enough for some real racing.


dscf4705_small.jpg dscf4707_small.jpg

The next morning greeted us with georgeous wheather and the announcement that racing will be resumed at 10AM instead of 1PM which gave us time to watch some more of the non-vintage and sidecar races before we had to head home.

dscf4709_small.jpg dscf4710_small.jpg dscf4712_small.jpg


dscf4715_small.jpg dscf4718_small.jpg


As usual, I got home in the wet. We were lucky that the T-storms didn't hit us too hard. All in all a memorable event.