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Fall 2008 in New England

New England States, Fall 2008

My friend Elgin and I decided that it was time to get out of the rat race for an extended 4-day weekend and enjoy some Fall colors in New England. So, on a Friday afternoon, we called it a day early and got on the highway 401 to get past the Toronto nightmare on the Friday.

The weather was excellent ... at first. We did not plan any firm routes but wanted to touch at least the Adirondacks in Upstate New York, the Green Mountains in Vermont, maybe Mt. Washington and some part of Maine and New Hampshire. Although only 4 weeks have gone by since our ride, my memory is already fading. I can't remember where we were exactly, but we made all the above in the end and had a jolly good time!

Saturday was a great day with beautiful weather and we just meandered (purposely) left, right and center, without a real destination other than the next corner that offered new views (at least I didn't) ... we were truly going for the ride.

On Sunday, the scenery and weather was changing up to the point where it was raining when we arrived at the hotel ... and when we left.

Although Monday morning greated us with rain, it turned around during the latter part of the morning and we had the most extraordinary day ahead of us. It started with us deciding that we could actually make it to Mt. Washington and still get back home in time on Tuesday night. Couple of hours later, the weather was great and so were we!

And then, we went up the private road to the summit of Mt. Washington. It was truly amazing up there on this beautiful day:

Here's one for the statistics:

What about a little 360 video from the top of Mt. Washington (very amateur):
Download *.mov version here ...
Download *.mpeg version here ...
Download *.avi version here ...

Needless to say, that we had to hurry up on our way back.

However, a very memorable weekend nonetheless.