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First Impressions Canada 2004

First impressions from two excursions in Canada

Elmira Maple Sirup Festival
The World's largest one day festival (says the Guiness Book)

Young Mennonite women (or teenager, cant tell the age!)
Mennonites still live without cars and no electricity or gas in the house, but wooden fire and horses and carriages, some more pictures later ...

The festival was nothing more that it says: a lot of people coming to eat pancakes, sausages, burgers and whatnot, traders, dealer, some private persons.
A lot (!) of people, not really worth it as a memorable event, but ... a good spirit, not totally commercial and people enjoyed queueing for the pancakes ...

On Easter Friday, I started for a little trip northwest to Lake Huron, just to see a little bit of countryside ... I have to tell one thing in advance: you NEED a cruise control when driving in North America, otherwise you get cramps in your right foot ... it goes on and on and on ...

Ok, here we go: Church on Easter Friday in Mennonite country ... maybe hundred black carriages ... no cars ...

I was kinda bored from driving 80km/h on a A3 size motorway ...

After about 1 1/2 hrs: Point Clark at Lake Huron. It was sunny, but chilly, around 8 Celsius I'd say.

That white stuff in the water ... that is ice covered with snow. Went on there, felt like being in Greenland, I tell yer ...

Point David in the distance, a Castle name of Inverhuron says my map, a bit like Gosport castle maybe, did not go there though ...

Kincardine Lighthouse, does not seem to be in use anymore, but who knows ...

The way home was just 120km (75mls) of going straight ... ok, with a few turns and lights ...


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