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Canada Weekend 2007

Canada Day Weekend 2007, July 1st to 4th

So, it was finally time to take a couple of days off and go for a ride. But where to go? I had a couple of choices such as The James Bay Road and/or the Route du Nord. Would mean 5 days of 600-1000km per day. Not for the faint of heart, but doable. Mind you, those are very remote areas and I'd rather not do it alone. Besides, black flies are at their worst in June and July. So, a day in the Kawarthas, a day on the Algonquin Park trails (little did I know) and a third day in the Muskokas was the choice I made.

Day 1

Onto the superslab at 7AM and 2hrs later I was in motorcycle heaven: twisty sideroads, gravel roads and ATV/Motorcycle trails! I started off with some sideroads on my way to HWY 507. From 507, I went on 503 and then over the Elephant Lake Road and Peterson Road which is a "Historical" Colonization Road.

Peterson Road Bridge

I took the Herschel Forest Trail which was a little bit technical, especially the very fine dune sand patches inbetween.

Herschel Forest trail or parts thereof

On the Boulter Road which lead onto the Mayo Lake Road which turned into a trail similar to the Herschel Forst Trail. At the end of Mayo Lake Road, I decided to head North and try to get to Pembrooke to stay over night.

I finally found Murphy's shed but it was empty, he seemed to have moved away. At least, they mentioned the crossing after him: Murphy's Corner right ahead!

I had endured a couple of hefty showers during the afternoon and it looked prett dark up North again. I took another Historical Colonization Road, Old Hastings Road. From there on Hwy 62 where I crashed for the night in a motel. A very nice day of nearly 600km of riding. Can't think of any better way to spend a day!

Day 2

I woke up late in the morning, but even after sunrise, the lake looked beautiful.

I was planning to ride through Algonquin Park, but I admit, I did not do my homwework and had just looked at the Garmin maps, and they showed numerous trails. Truth be said, there are no trails that you ride on a motorcycle. But Barron Canyon Road is a blast to ride, a compact surface with some loose gravel and some nice sweepers.

On the way out, I tried an ATV trail, which nearly ended catastrophic: I underestimated slope and gravel condition of this creek crossing (I swear, it looked absolutely harmless!) and nearly got completely stuck on the other side. Luckily (with some sand digging), I got the bike back down in the creek, turned (or better wiggled) it around and drove back up. Whew, that was close and again was a warning: whatever can be done on an ATV can NOT be done on a 500lbs pig like the G/S.

Station Hill Road seemed to be a dead end, but it turned into a nice trail through some forest until it hit Hwy 58.

Paugh Lake road was nice into Barry's Bay.From there I went South on 62 through Combermere and then took Centreview Road around the lake. A well packed gravel road with lots of elevation changes and twisties.

From there on to Maple Leaf

and down Musclow Greenview Road.

In Birds Creek, I took South Baptise Lake Road to Beechmount. Airport Road started as a packed gravel road, turned into a old trail and became Townline Road which was a brilliant single trail.

I lost (and) found my backpack, the road was rough and my strapping did not hold. Went 648 North, 118 West and 503 South to Irondale where I turned right into Old Irondale Road: brilliant high speed well packed gravel road.Gas'ed up Minden.

Hwy 35 South until I hit Davis Lake Road/Boundary Road to Kinmount, Hwy 465 to 42 to 48 to 41. Here I went 41 North to find some very gravel roads: North Mountain Road, Black Bear Road (which is an abondanded farm road by the looks of it

and Shrike Road, McNamee Road, both well packed and good for more than 100km/h. Hwy 6 to 33 South, then West on Rohallion Road, North on Cranberry Lake Road, West on Scotts Road and the final leg on Concession Road 5. From there onto the slab on Hwy 12 and straight in Orilia where I crashed in the Quality Hotel in the city center. Nearly 600km of pure enjoyment and fun.

Day 3

A typical day in the Muskokas:

Southwood Road #13, 7/632 to Rosseau (gotta love those long tight corners), up Regional Route #2, #518, #169. A beautiful day. Went round in circles until 4PM, then got on the slab in Severn Ground, took Hwy 89, 10, 124, 24 home. Grrrrreat day!

That Big Chute Marine Railway was really impressive:

1830km, 0.5l oil consumed